Does it appeal to you to spend time with an interesting woman? Are you able to engage a pleasant and relaxed talk and do you have fun doing so? Do you enjoy versatile tête-à-têtes with ladies who can afford a certain level of luxury?

Our customers are successful, well-off ladies who would like to spend some time in good society of an cultured and educated gentleman, who ist also an attractive and charming cavalier. Some simply need an alibi company for business lunch or a social event, while others additionally want to enjoy erotic moments - for a couple of hours, an entire night or maybe for a vacation.

Male Fetishescort offers escort in two areas:

  • Classic, erotic rendezvous
  • Fetishescort → Specialties

Are you aged between 23 and 50 and can you answer the following questions with "YES" – then we would love to meet you:

  • Perhaps you are not completely but a good-looking, stylish and well-groomed man who put worth on his exterior and keeps his body as well as his mind fit?
  • Do you flirt charming and do you exert a magical power of attraction on women?
  • Are you able to give a woman the feeling to be unique and seductive?
  • Do you think that blind dates and adventure entire are exciting?
  • You know how to dress well for different occasions and move confidently in international circles?
  • You are a good companion with impeccable manners?
  • Do you have a solid general education and do you speak English and German?
  • Do you like travelling and are you looking for a second job while you are studying or to complement your current profession?
  • You are are interested in long-term cooperation?
  • Are you flexible, punctual, reliable, discreet and loyal?
  • You are aware of your own exclusivity and want to be represented by an agency?

Did you answer “YES” to each question? If we have awoken your interest and you are perhaps interested in working together with Male Fetishescort then we would be pleased to hear from you. Please send your personal description and your motivation, enclosing 3-4 photos (whole body and portrait - current, unedited snapshots are superior than professional, edited images) to

We will come back to you as soon as possible via email.

Yours Corinna